Ghost Money

 圖像裡可能有8 個人

We a big ol 9 - 11 piece band from Kaohsiung. Pretty new to the scene but already bringing in big crowds for good time shows. Having such a large group of people helps but not as much as having a large sound. Afrobeat reggae style playing a mixture of covers and original tunes that is making people dance down south. 

With shows already lined up for January, February, and March, Ghost Money will be bring the largest group of followers to Spring Scream from Kaohsiung for sure.

Fronted by Stinky Tofu's Craig and Travis and backed in the horn section by Rocks manager Tall Mike, Ghost Money is not going to disappoint. We've currently a lack of online presence under the name Ghost Money but I hope the for-mentioned names show our experience in the Taiwan music scene and help assure you that we will be bring the party.

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