Mafana 樂團

 圖像裡可能有6 個人、大家站著





語氣上揚有反意為 不知道,





MAFANA means”to know” or “to understand” in the *Amis language.
if raise tone of voice to know becomes “not knowing”, or “ to not understand”. .
During the formation of the band, band members couldn’t decide on a band name,
and wanted to call the band “unknown band”, but later decided that this would appear too tacky, hence the *Amis word MAFANA.

MAFANA, to know or not know started the musical journey of six boys, and the band MAFANA.
It's been ten years, six boys leave their home town for work.
The busy city life and hard work makes life stressful. Reality takes hold,
and what once seemed to be a future not far away slowly seems to become a fading dream..

MAFANA Uses their music to empathize with those who are strangled by the restless city life,
and satirize the never slowing pace of modernity.
MAFANA’s passion for music acts as a beacon of light,
which supports themselves when hard times hit,
while at the same time weaving the good, the bad, and the ugly they encounter into beautiful melodies. The title song MAFANA is meant for people to remember our name,
never forget our tribe, our culture, and the wonderful land.
MAFANA wants to comfort people's mind, with positive energy.
Take a Step forward with us to reach our dream!
Lets run, jump and pursue on the stage, together let us discover new thinking.
Always remember our original intention, we know what we are looking for,
we know we are on the way to reach our dreams.
We don’t know what challenges lie ahead, but we will keep working on our music story.
MAFANA is not only a Amis word, but also a belief and energy.
There are lots troubles, and complications in life.
Together Let’s shout out MAFANA!

*Amis: a Taiwanese aboriginal tribe name. Most of them live in east of Taiwan.

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