Sister Sheez


Shizue Sheez Hamaguchi



Reggae Singer Reggae nurtured vocalist.
Jazzy style with Latin taste with reggae as the axis is on top.
In 2009, we released the long-awaited 7-inch " CLOSE TO YOU LOVE CUMBIA / Little-B feat. Orignal Kose."

This music which took in the earliest cumbia sound has become a hit song out in 3 months.
In summer 2014, a combination tune with BunBun the Mc "The summer-like two people" 7 inch release. In addition to solo, starting ukulele reggae duo "ALOHA FAMILIA" from 2013. Live live at the southern country taste live, Hokkaido · Ishigakijima · Taiwan · Vietnam · Thailand and so on.

低消$200 ----------------

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