Mark Darvill 初五山羊賀喜場

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Mark Darvill music

Mark Darvill is an English acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter currently based in Taipei, Taiwan, and a former member of local Anglo/American trio, The Red Cliff. Mark has spent the past few years performing both solo and in bands in Taiwan, the UK, and Japan. He adopts elements of folk, rock, and fingerstyle guitar to create a unique acoustic sound, combined with thoughtful lyrics and catchy melodies.

Mark Darvill (戴馬克) 是一個來自英國,住在台北的木吉他手/歌手/作曲家,之前也是台北的英美樂團The Red Cliff 的團員之一。這幾年 Mark 在台灣,英國,日本表演過好多場,包括一個人表演和參加樂團的。他的音樂是一個民謠,搖滾和 "fingerstyle guitar" 的融合,裡面也有意思很深的歌詞和有趣的旋律。


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