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不只有音樂;便當雜誌 意識生活,實驗生活,創造生活。
2014年 主唱比利 創造出《便當》ㄧ概念,隨著團員更動,音樂也跟著持續進化;現任團員皆於2017年底在高雄「岩石音樂」相遇,將這段共同創作的時間記錄在作品裡。
Music is only a part of what Bento Band are all about. A much larger part is about living a creative life, full of self-expression and a healthy dose of experimentation. It could be said that Bento are part of a musical expression to a new artistic and political awareness among current Taiwanese bands. Their songs explore issues of the times including air pollution, social media, people's connection to nature, revolution of the mind and personal songs of modern love, and streams of unconscious exploration.
Having started the Bento concept in 2014, Billy has adapted his sound as members and the music continue to evolve. The current line up consists of friends who met up at the Rocks music venue in Kaohsiung late 2017.

Alternative rock band from Tokyo. mix of funk, jazz, dub, psych, punk and poetry reading.


"足音 Ashioto" (CD, 2003)
"脊髄 Sekizui" (CD, 2008, sold out)
"No Dead End" (LP, 2012, sold out)
"Road" (LP, 2017)
"No Dead End" (Reissue CD, 2017)

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